Eli, the adorable beagle, at Kopaonik

This is Eli the snowboarding dog – who seems happiest when she’s bounding around on ski slopes.

For the last year, the seven-year-old beagle has been snowboarding at her local pistes in Kopaonik and Old Mountain, Serbia.

Avid boarders Uros and Katarina Visekruna adopted Eli as a pup and couldn’t bear to leave her alone while they hit the slopes.

The snow-loving dog races down the piste, pulling her humans along with her lead as they ride behind her.

When she gets tired Uros carries her in his backpack and they carve the mountain together.

Uros, 30, said: ‘One of Eli’s favourite things in the world is definitely the snow, she loves running in deep powder and diving headlong into it – and this idea of doing snowboarding together happened accidentally.

‘We decided to bring her with us and see if she would run with us in the slopes and hopefully not get distracted by other skiers.

‘We also brought the backpack in case she gets tired, to bring her down easily.

‘The excitement and happiness she showed was something unbelievable and she kept chasing us.

‘I believe it’s possibly her strong wish to spend most of the time with us that makes her go out of her comfort zones and do snowboarding.’

The first snow day went well and now the trio take regular trips on the weekend from their home in Belgrade, Serbia.

Uros added: ‘Sometimes she barks at other skiers or goes off the slope to jump into deeper snow.

‘She prefers to run with us than to stay in the backpack, but takes it as an option when those short legs get tired of chasing.

‘When we see that she gets cold or not interested for these activities anymore, we bring her home to rest while we finish our day ride.’

Uros and Katarina love the outdoors and have travelled the world, often taking Eli on their adventures.

Uros said: ‘Eli is a very devoted and a friendly dog.

‘Sometimes she seems almost human, the way she understands and communicates with you.

‘Snowboarding is just one of the activities she does with us.

‘In spring we go mountain biking together trekking in the mountains, and in summer sometimes she comes kayaking or stand-up paddling with us.’

Now that Eli has mastered the slopes, Uros and Katarina are planning to take her on a winter trip to the Alps.