Why having no wireless internet at your holiday accommodation is sometimes a good idea

I can be described as the traveller who simply cannot stay without social media, the person who constantly checks Instagram, updates my followers with new pictures and makes sure that  those close to me are fine. But, despite my social media addiction, I try to draw the line when I take a holiday. Once a year I take a break, whether local or international, where I switch off from the world, where there is no Instagram notifications or constant Whatsapp messages. Having no wireless internet on a holiday, especially at your holiday accommodation, can be quite the blessing.

Koponik WiFiA few years ago, I spent a few nights at a self-catering lodge with no wireless internet in the Western Cape. It was tucked away in the small town of Agulhas, kilometres away from civilisation. Travellers to this place were lucky to find any signal. Despite my love for all things internet, I actually felt at  peace. There was no pressure to update social media, I could respond to my emails when I was in a signal free area and, for once, my eyes was opened to the vast beauty in front of me.

By the end of my  trip, I started to appreciate myself and my loved ones on all levels- and that was the start of my love affair with booking holiday accommodation, at least once a year, without wireless internet began.

Fortunately, many hotels offer packages where you get to enjoy your surroundings rather than what is on your mobile screen. For those that offer wireless internet, guests should switch off and take advantage of their holiday.


Here are some reasons why having no wireless internet at your holiday accommodation  is sometimes good:

It helps you switch off from the world

Taking a breather from life once in a while is good for the soul. Try to say no to social media, emails and any other distractions.

You get to reconnect with your loved ones

There’s plenty of time to play board games, watch movie marathons or do karaoke when you spend less time on technology and the internet. It also allows you to get to know your family and friends much better.

You get to enjoy nature

Beach trips, hikes or watching the sunset are just some of the ways you get to enjoy nature. Many travellers spend more time posting live video on social media that they forget to appreciate the view right in front of them.

Stress free

Seeing something on the internet that is negative, like a hard news story, a friend being in an accident or a negative comment on your posts, can cause unnecessary stress when we go on holiday. By disconnecting, you get to enjoy your time and stress less. You can worry about life when you get back.

Allows you to experience the hotel

Many of us actually spend more time in our hotel rooms when there is wireless internet than when there is not. There is lots to see and do in a hotel, from entertainment shows, dining and other great amenities just waiting to be explored.